• Mastopol n60 tab

Composition Active ingredients: Conium maculatum (Conium) C6 0.075 g, Thuja occidentalis (Thuja) C6 0.075 g, Hydrastis canadensis (Hydrastis) C3 0.075 g, Calcium fluoratum C6 0.075 g.Auxiliary components: lactose, potato starch, calcium stearate. Pharmacological effect of Konium maculatum C6-tenderness and swelling of the mammary glands in the pre - and menstrual periods. Expressed solid seals in the mammary glands with increased sensitivity in the menstrual period. Often the formation of seals observed after trauma. Thuja occidentalis C6-deep fibrous changes and compaction in the mammary glands, soreness in them, increasing during menstruation. Goldenseal canadensis, C3 has a pronounced effect on the glands, especially the mammary gland. Malignant lesions of the breast. Calcium fluoratum C6-fibrous changes, compaction and fibroadenomas of varying degrees of hardness of the mammary glands against the background of chronic inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs or uterine fibroids. It is used to limit the growth of fibrous tumors. To date, no side effects have been reported. Allergic reactions are possible. Sale features prescription-free Indications in the complex treatment of fibrosis-cystic mastopathy, mastodynia.

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Mastopol n60 tab

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