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Medicinal form of the Tablet: filler from beige to dark brown-green color interspersed with white, dark green, brown, reddish-brown. The color of the pill shell from light blue to dark blue. The smell corresponds to the smell of this component composition. The composition of tablet: -Extract strelolist herb of Epimedium (Epimedium) -Microcrystalline cellulose (carrier Е460) -L-citrulline DL-malate 2:1 L-arginine alpha-Ketoglutarate 2:1 Extract of the roots of Eurycoma (Eurycoma) longifolia-Taurine Is an extract of the bark of the Maritime pine -ginseng root Extract -Sodium bicarbonate (acidity regulator) -Zinc citrate -an Extract of yohimbe bark -the shell of the water-soluble (polyvinyl alcohol (poziroval); polyethylene glycol (antifoam); titanium dioxide (colouring agent); talc (food emulsifier); copper complex chlorophyll (food dye) - silicon Dioxide (anti-trace agent) - Magnesium sterart (stabilizer) -Ginkgo biloba leaf Extract-Bioperin  (black pepper Extract) 2 tablets contain at least: Zinc 15.4 mg, Taurine 90.0 mg, L-citrulline 122.0 mg, Proanthocyanidins 86.0 mg, Flavonoids (based on rutin) 8.6 mg, Panaxides 4.2 mg. Pharmacological action Cemental-the result for a long time. The composition of the drug includes unique medicinal substances that increase potency, helping to restore the brightness of sexual life. - Goryanka extract, which allows you to intensify sexual activity and sex drive. The extract obtained from the Goryanka is a plant of the barberry family, the beneficial properties of which have long been used by Asian herbalists. Extract of Epimedium increases libido and raises sexual desire in men at any age. -Ginkgo biloba. A unique and healing tropical plant helps to increase the duration of erection during sexual intercourse; Concentrated extract of this plant stimulates the blood flow to the pelvic organs and male sex organs, promoting rapid and long-lasting erection. Ginkgo biloba extract is considered a natural viagra. -Yohimbe bark. The effect of this component improves and stimulates blood circulation, allows you to enhance the sensation during sex; this extract improves blood flow to the penis, especially in the area of its head. Thanks to the good blood vessels of the penis, the sensuality of the sexual organ increases during sex, and the orgasm becomes brighter. - Ginseng root is a well-known anti-aging agent. The extract of this plant has a tonic effect, increases endurance, promotes faster recovery of the body. Regular use of ginseng root remedies improves sperm quality by increasing the number of sperm cells and making them more mobile. - Root of Eureka (Eureka). It tones the body, which in turn begins to produce testosterone; Substances from the root of this plant favorably affect the function of the prostate gland, stimulate the synthesis of the male sex hormone — testosterone. The increase in its level in the blood is responsible for the potency. - Seaside pine. Pine extract has immunostimulating and regenerating properties; Conifers always have a positive effect on the immune system and vitality of the body. Extract of Maritime pine is rich in volatile, resins and natural antiseptic substances that enhance the immune system men, promote recovery after infectious diseases. - BioPerine R (black pepper extract) - a unique coenzyme contained in black pepper. BioPerine R potentiates the action of other components of the biologically active additive Cemental. In addition, this substance normalizes blood circulation, improves absorption and distribution of biologically active substances in the body, has antioxidant properties. - Zinc citrate. Zinc is needed for a man to produce testosterone and proper functioning of the prostate. Zinc deficiency, which occurs in 70% of modern men —one of the causes of male infertility. The best form for the absorption of zinc in the body is zinc citrate, which has a high bioavailability. - Taurine and other amino acids. Taurine is a sulfur-containing amino acid that has the ability to mobilize the body's strength, increase its resistance to stress factors. Taurine makes a man more hardy and active. The amino acid L-citrulline, DL-malate and L-arginine strengthen and prolong the erection. Indications for the use of Bada Semental for men are: weakening of male strength; unstable erection; decreased libido; fatigue during sex; premature ejaculation; lack of erection; prostatitis. It is recommended to use the drug to increase sperm motility and increase their number in sperm. The tool is also shown to take for potency in elderly men. Composition tablets, the method of application and treatment Sementara specified in the instructions for use, which is required to be read prior to taking the drug.

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Semental n12 tab

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