• Nimesil 0,1 n30 packs 2.0 granules

Nimesil instructions for use Dosage form Granule for suspension preparation for intake in the form of light yellow granular powder with orange odor Composition нимесулид100 mg excipients: cetomacrogol 1000, sucrose, maltodextrin, citric acid anhydrous, orange flavor. Pharmacological action of NSAIDs group of methanesulfonanilide, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic effect. The therapeutic effects of nimesulide are due to the fact that it affects the arachidonic acid metabolism and reduces the biosynthesis of prostaglandins by inhibiting COX. Due to the selective action on COX-2 not impaired synthesis of prostaglandin with cytoprotective effect to the gastric mucosa, decreasing the risk of side effects. In addition, nimesulide reduces the formation of superoxide anions in neutrophil granulocytes and inhibits the formation of free radicals, resulting in inflammation. Pharmacokinetics Well absorbed after oral administration, reaching Cmax in the blood plasma in 2-3 h To 97.5% of nimesulide is bound with proteins of plasma of blood. Nimesulide is actively metabolized in the liver, with the participation of CYP 2C9, the isoenzyme of cytochrome P450. The main metabolite is paragidroksibenzojnoj, also have pharmacological activity. T1/2 — 3,2–6 h. Nimesulide is excreted in the urine of about 50% of the dose. About 29% of the dose is excreted in the feces in metabolizirovannom and only 1-3% is excreted in an unchanged state. Pharmacokinetic profile in the elderly does not change. Long-term use is not koumouliruet in the body.

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Nimesil 0,1 n30 packs 2.0 granules

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