• Solkoseril 20,0 gel

The composition of the deproteinized dialysate from the blood of dairy calves (in terms of dry substance)of 4.15 mg excipients: methyl parahydroxybenzoate, parahydroxybenzoate, carmellose sodium, propylene glycol, calcium lactate pentahydrate, water d/I. Pharmacological action of Solcoseryl is a deproteinized hemodialysate containing a wide range of low molecular weight components of the cell mass and blood serum of dairy calves. Solcoseryl: increases intensity of reparative and regenerative processes; contributes to activation of aerobic metabolic processes and oxidative phosphorylation; increases oxygen consumption and stimulates the transport of glucose into cells under conditions of hypoxia and ischemia; increases collagen synthesis; stimulates cellular proliferation. Solcoseryl gel does not contain fats as auxiliary components, so it is easily washed off. Promotes the formation of granulation tissue and elimination of exudate. Since the advent of fresh granulation and drying of the wound it is recommended to use Solcoseryl ointment containing, as auxiliary components, fats and forming a protective film on the wound surface. Side effects in rare cases, at the site of application of Solkoserila can develop allergic reactions in the form of urticaria, edge dermatitis. In this case, you should stop using the drug and consult a doctor. At the site of application Solkoseril gel may be a short-term burning sensation. If burning does not pass for a long time, the use of Solcoseryl gel should be abandoned. Features sale without prescription Special conditions Solcoseryl should not be applied to the contaminated wound because it does not contain any antimicrobial composition components. The use of Solcoseryl, like all other drugs, it is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation and perhaps only when absolutely necessary and under medical supervision. In the case of pain, redness of the skin near the site of application Solkoseril, secretion from the wound, fever should immediately consult a doctor. If the application of Solcoseryl is not observed healing of the affected area for 2-3 weeks, you should consult a doctor. Indications Solkoseril gel / ointment are used in the following cases: — minor damage (abrasions, scratches, cuts); — burns of 1 and 2 degrees (sunburn, thermal burns); — frostbite - hard healing wounds (including trophic ulcers and bedsores). For the treatment of trophic lesions of the tissues of different origin apply Solcoseryl only after removal from the wound of necrotic tissue. Solcoseryl gel is used in the initial stage of treatment and applied to fresh wounds, wounds with wet detachable or ulcers with the phenomena of sputum

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Solkoseril 20,0 gel

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