• Kagocel 0,012 n10 tab

Kagocel instructions for use Dosage form Tablets from cream to brown coloured, round, biconvex, interspersed with the Composition kagocel 12 mg excipients: potato starch, calcium stearate, ludipress (lactose direct compression composition: lactose monohydrate, povidone (kollidon 30), crospovidon (kollidon CL)). Pharmacological action Antiviral preparation. Inducer of interferon synthesis. The active substance is a sodium salt of a copolymer (1>4)-6-0-carboxymethyl-beta-D-glucose(1>4)-beta-D-glucose and (21>24)-2,3,14,15,21,24,29,32-octahydroxy-23-(carboxylatomethyl)-7,10-dimethyl-4, 13-di(2-propyl)-19,22,26,30,31-intoksikatsiya [] dotriacontane-1,3,5(28),6,8(27), 9(18),10, 12(17), 13,15-decena. Causes the formation in the body of the so-called late interferon, which is a mixture of alpha - and beta-interferons with high antiviral activity. Kagocel triggers the production of interferon in virtually all populations of cells involved in the antiviral response of the body: T - and b - lymphocytes, macrophages, granulocytes, fibroblasts, endothelial cells. The ingestion of one dose of the drug Kagocel, the interferon titer in blood serum reached maximum values 48 h. Interferon response of organism to introduction of Kagocel is characterized by a prolonged (4-5 days) circulating interferon in the bloodstream. Dynamics of accumulation of interferon in the gut while taking the drug inside does not coincide with the dynamics of the titers of circulating interferon. In blood serum of interferon reaches high values only after 48 h after administration of the drug Kagocel, while in the intestine the maximum production of interferon is observed after 4 h. the Highest efficiency in the treatment of drug Kagocel is achieved by the appointment not later than the 4th day from the start of acute infection. In the preventive purposes the product can be used at any time, including directly after contact with the pathogen. Pharmacokinetics Absorption and distribution When administered into the General circulation gets about 20% of the administered dose of the drug. 24 h after intake of the drug accumulates mainly in the liver, to a lesser extent, in lung, thymus, spleen, kidney, lymph nodes. Low concentration observed in adipose tissue, heart, muscles, testes, brain, blood plasma. Low content in the brain due to the high molecular weight of the drug, hindering its penetration through the BBB. In plasma the drug is predominantly in the associated form with lipid - 47%, protein 37%. The unbound portion of the drug is about 16%. With repeated daily administration of the drug Vd varies widely in all the studied organs, especially pronounced accumulation of the drug in the spleen and lymph nodes. Excretion Excreted mainly through the intestines: 7 days after receiving from the body is excreted 88% of the administered dose, including 90% in the feces and 10% urine. Breath the drug is not detected.

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Kagocel 0,012 n10 tab

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