• ATRICAN 0,25 N8 CAPS antiparasitic

Pharmaceutical form soft Capsule is enteric coated, yellow to yellow-brown, oval; contents of capsules - oily homogeneous mass of gray-brown, with a faint characteristic odor. Composition of 1 capsule. anonimusy 250 mg excipients: peanut butter - 194 mg, soybean oil hydrogenated to 6 mg, soy lecithin - 5 mg. the composition of the shell capsules: gelatin - 134 mg, sorbitol and sorbitans solution of 66 mg titanium dioxide (E171) - 1.5 mg, dye iron oxide yellow (E172) - 1 mg, glycerol - 3.5 mg, these phthalate 30 mg dibutyl phthalate - 5.2 mg. Pharmacological action Protivotrihomonadnyh means. Anonimusy active against Trichomonas vaginalis. Having trihomonatidne action. It is also active against Candida albicans. Pharmacokinetics If ingestion is well absorbed in the digestive tract. Penetrates into breast milk. Slowly return to maintain trichomonacidal concentration in the blood for many hours.

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ATRICAN 0,25 N8 CAPS antiparasitic

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