• Solkoseril 5,0 eye gel

Composition 1 g of deproteinized dialysate from the blood of healthy dairy calves (in terms of dry matter) 8.3 mg excipients: benzalkonium chloride, carmellose sodium, sodium edetate dihydrate, sorbitol 70% (crystallizing), water d/I. Pharmacological action: Stimulant of tissue regeneration. It is a chemically and biologically standardized dialysate containing a wide range of low molecular weight components of cellular mass and serum of dairy calves with a molecular weight of 5000 D (including glycoproteins, nucleosides and nucleotides, amino acids, oligopeptides). Solcoseryl increases the resistance of tissues to hypoxia. Activates cellular metabolism by increasing the transport and accumulation of glucose and oxygen, strengthening intracellular utilization. Thus, the metabolism of ATP is accelerated, the energy resources of the cell are increased. Healing effect of eye gel Solcoseryl is manifested in the enhancement of corneal re-epithelialization after undergoing chemical burns (alkali), inflammatory processes, injuries. Sodium karmelloza, which is part of the gel eye Solkoseril as an auxiliary substance, provides a uniform and long-term coating of the cornea, whereby the active substance continuously enters the affected tissue. Pharmacokinetics the Pharmacokinetic characteristics (absorption, distribution, excretion) cannot be studied using standard pharmacokinetic techniques, as Solcoseryl contains in its composition the components of blood and substances that are physiologic for the organism. Side effects Local reactions: rarely - short-term mild burning, which is not the reason for the withdrawal of the drug. Other: allergic reactions. Especially sales prescription Special conditions Solcoseryl eye gel contains the preservative benzalkonium chloride and trace amounts of p-hydroxybenzoate (E 216, and E 218) and free benzoic acid (E 210), used in the production process. This fact should be taken into account when treating patients who are prone to allergic reactions to these components. Effects on ability to drive vehicles or operate machinery immediately after use of the drug Solcoseryl eye gel you may experience a brief reduction in clarity of vision, so within 20-30 minutes after application Solcoseryl eye gel patients should refrain from activities potentially hazardous activities (driving car, operating machinery). Indications-mechanical damage to the cornea and conjunctiva (erosion, trauma), to accelerate the healing process of the postoperative cornea and conjunctiva in the postoperative period (after keratoplasty, cataract extraction, antiglaukomnyh operations) — - burns of the cornea: chemical (exposure acids and alkalis), thermal, radiation (exposure to UV, x-rays and other radiation) — - corneal ulcers, keratitis (bacterial, viral, etiology) including neuroparalytic, in the stage of epithelialization in combination with antibiotics, antiviral, antifungal drugs; - corneal dystrophy of different Genesis (including bullous keratopathy); — corneal xerosis in lagophthalmos; — "dry" keratoconjunctivitis; — to reduce the time of adaptation to hard and soft contact lenses and improve their tolerance.

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Solkoseril 5,0 eye gel

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